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Those Fake Degrees Really Work 30 April 2002 Edition
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There can't be a single Internet user who hasn't received a spam email that offers to sell you a university degree without all the unnecessary hassle of actually learning anything.

Most of us realise that these degrees are a scam and not worth the paper they're printed on, let alone the several hundred dollars often charged.

Unfortunately, it appears that at least one Canadian wasn't quite so smart.

Believe it or not, John Davy, who was recently appointed to the position of Chief Executive with the fledgling New Zealand Maori Television Service, used one of these fake degrees as part of his "credentials."

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Of course, once the nature of his fake MBA was uncovered, Mr Davy was immediately dismissed from his high-powered position -- but it worked for a little while eh?

Regardless whether he was otherwise qualified for the job, the fact that he was either sucked in by the claims of these fake diploma sellers, or simply chose to act fraudulently obviously disqualified him from playing with over $100m of taxpayers money.

But if YOU want a fake degree there are still plenty of websites that will happily accommodate you.

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University Services, Corp. claims that its degrees aren't fake at all. It says that when you buy from them you are getting a REAL degree from a "legally chartered institution."

To qualify for one of their degrees, all you need (apart from a fat wallet) is a few years of "work experience" or some classroom experience.

Ante up with just US$325 and you can get a fake (I mean "REAL") bachelors degree. If you're a bit richer, $550 will get you the type of Masters Degree you'll need to secure a temporary position with Maori TV.

If you'd like your tenure to last a little longer than just six weeks, you might want to invest a further $195 to join the "Premier Program" where someone will field phone calls querying the credibility of your degree and strengthen the deception.

I bet Mr Davy wishes he'd gone for that option right?

Some sites, such as FakeDegrees.com are a little more honest about what they're selling -- and what's more, they offer a choice of degrees from four NZ Universities.

What a great way to get temporary tenure in the broadcasting industry while avoiding one of those burdensome student loans perhaps?

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