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Lighten Up 3 May 2002 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
At last, the contents of Aardvark's "million-dollar ideas" notebook are revealed for all to see!
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It's time for your weekly dose of wierd, wild and wacky stuff from the wonderful world of the WWW.

Every kid, even the big ones who pass for "grown-ups", just love playing around with model aeroplanes. Here are the instructions for building a four-engined one that really "flies."

This is not meant to be funny -- but surely the person who wrote the code can't be serious. Move your mouse over the multiple-choice answers and watch your browser's status line. Duh!

Here's a friendly looking fellow who's prepared to turn his head into a walking billboard for a fee. Will a bald head ever replace the banner? I don't think so.

Sponsorship Opportunity
As another method of offsetting the cost of running this site, I'm considering the use of sponsorship -- but would like some feedback.

Based on recent stats, a sponsor could expect to have their branding delivered around a million times a year to an extremely well targeted audience of (mainly Kiwi) internet/IT professionals and hard-core Net users.

If you're brave enough to be Aardvark's exclusive sponsor for a year, or if you're a reader who'd like to voice your opinion on the matter then please contact me

There's nothing worse than not being able to come up with a good oxymoron when you need one -- right? Well relief is at hand in the form of the oxymoron list, a site that has more oxymorons than you can shake a stick at. Now if I could only come up with a word that sounds like homonym or one that means the same as synonym...

Awards, Who Needs Them?
The organisers of The Webbies are calling for entries for next year's prestigious awards.

Front up with around US$100, fill out the entry form and your site will be considered for nomination.

Of course if you have a truly excellent site yet lack the money for the entry fee you might be a whole lot less likely to end up with one of those shiny trophies on your office desk. This isn't an award for the riff-raff.

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    According to the website, the large amount of money collected by way of entry fees goes into paying teams of qualified reviewers to select a short-list who then become nominees for the 30 or so awards that are to be handed out.

    These judges are "Internet professionals who work with and on the Internet and who have clearly demonstrable familiarity with the category in which they review" -- but it's interesting to note the significant differences between the selections made by the judges and those made by regular folks like you and I.

    The whole thing comes to a climax with the glitzy awards ceremony where all the industry "names" rub shoulders and drink copious amounts of alcohol while having a thoroughly good time. Great stuff if you can afford it.

    But what about the rest of us -- those who can't really afford to plonk down up to US$150 per category to have our site considered for nomination?

    Well there is a chance for the sites of "poor people" to be considered -- but it would seem that you'd have to be known to one of the judges for this to be a possibility.

    If the Webbies are out of your league, there's always the myriad of "free" awards that proliferate around the Web.

    Yes, there are quite literally thousands of awards that are yours for the asking -- but be warned, you get what you pay for.

    I regularly get an email from a local site that tracks web traffic. They tell me that I've won the right to place their "Top 10" logo and link on my pages. Do you see it here? No you don't.

    Why not?

    Well let's face it -- virtually all of these "free" awards are little more than a clever piece of marketing on the part of those handing them out.

    Every time they convince a site to slap one of these "vanity stickers" on their pages, they get a free advertisement and link back to their own pages. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying banner space eh?

    Awards have their place -- but they ought to come with no strings and should, in my opinion, be decided by the people who count most -- regular Internet users.

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    New Klez worm squirms across Internet (CNet - 18/04/2002)

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    The Day's Top News
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    New Zealand

    Open in New Window Webby nominee hopes to be there on the night
    The Christchurch-based manager of SciTechDaily Review, one of two New Zealand websites in the running for 2002 Webby awards, is hoping to attend the awards ceremony in the US next month...

    Open in New Window Djuice still not flowing
    Telecom is still running tests on its djuice WAP email service, which remains closed following a security breach...


    Open in New Window Motorola Wins Spam Skirmish
    The wireless manufacturer announced this morning it received a $100,000 default judgment against Paging America, which Motorola accused of bombarding consumers with fraudulent e-mails promising free Motorola pagers...

    Open in New Window Best Buy closes wireless registers
    Think you are safe from the cryptic world of wireless computer hacking? Think again. Security researchers who study wireless networks have found another embarrassing information leak...

    Open in New Window Biometric Security Not Ready to Replace Passwords
    Biometrics vendors are doing their best to supplant passwords as the chief form of computer security, but Government Computer News Lab tests indicate that many of their products are not quite ready...

    Open in New Window MS Gets Real With Testimony
    Take Windows Media Player out of the operating system, and its top rival, RealOne, wouldn't work. That's the contention of Microsoft witnesses...

    Open in New Window Streaming Music Choked by Fees?
    Net radio's 24 million fans may be listening a good four hours a day, but recording industry royalties and corporate infighting could stop the music...


    Open in New Window Aust companies behind the ball in e-cruitment
    Australian companies are behind their overseas counterparts when it comes to using corporate Web sites for e-cruitment, according to a report...

    Open in New Window Telstra satisfied with broadband take-up
    Telstra Corp Ltd chief executive Ziggy Switkowski said today that the company's expectations about the uptake of broadband are being met...


    Open in New Window Can your bank stop a cyberheist?
    Bank security experts are getting hit from both sides. Traditional Jesse James' robberies are on the rise while more masked hackers than ever are trying to break into the vaults from the inside...

    Open in New Window BT dismisses calls for break-up
    British telecoms giant BT has said suggestions that it should be broken up are out-dated and irrelevant...

    Open in New Window Unbreakable Code Could Thwart Cyber Crooks
    Encryption is literally about to make a quantum leap, thanks to a method that its designers describe as an "unbreakable code" that keeps keys to information out of the wrong hands...

    Open in New Window Dark side of cyberlife
    Alec Wilder was livid when he realized that the only way to pay for Yahoo's e-mail forwarding service was to sign up for the company's electronic payment system...

    Open in New Window Swimming with the online card sharks
    I put $500 into an account with Firepay, part of Surefire Commerce, a publicly traded company based in Canada. I put it on my credit card and they ask me before I am done if I intend to use the money for gambling. I check the box that says "Yes."...

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