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Law And Order On The Wild Wild Web 2 September 2002 Edition
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From time to time I lament the lack of consistent cross-jurisdictional laws in cyberspace. It's not that I want to see PC plod trudging the footpaths of the Information Superhighway, it's just that there are more than a few netizens who need their backsides spanked from time to time.

It seems that the legal profession itself however is jumping onboard the Net with both feet.

Could it be that they smell "rich pickings" from potential conflicts over trademarks, copyright and other issues?

Or do they simply appreciate the significant savings that are to be had from replacing fax, post and courier with email?

Well I'm sure that most legal eagles are more than happy to save plenty of money by slashing their communications budget but it would appear that there are plenty of others who are being just a little more innovative in their use of the medium.

Take the website of "Lawyers Against The Segway" for example.

Yes, before anyone's even been offended by the sales brochures, a handful of sharks in the USA have decided that Segway customers, and those who risk collateral damage, represent fertile ground for law suits.

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Fortunately the Kiwi legal community seem a little more conservative in their attitude to using information technology and will probably be quite content to reap rich rewards in terms of saved time and effort when Courts Department implements such initiatives as a $14 million computerised case management system.

However, according to this story from Stuff, lawyers won't be able to extract too much procedural benefit from the Net without some tinkering with the law -- let's hope that's done soon.

Rural Modems, Are They Any Good?
Regular readers will be aware that I'm presently testing a couple of dial-up modems that are touted as being just the bees knees for rural users.

Are they any good?

Well so far I'm impressed -- but I'll be offering the full review later this week. Suffice to say that if you're having problems with noisy lines, dropped carrier, frequent file-transfer failures, etc -- then you need to read this feature.

That Tivo-like PC
This project is coming on very nicely thank you. The project page will be up in the next couple of days and feedback will be invited.

It's worth pointing out that my VCR is getting a little dusty and there's a whole lot more space around my TV since I packed up all those bulky VHS cassette tapes!

But are the benefits worth the niggling frustrations? You'll just have to wait and find out.

Have your say.

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