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I'm Listening... 18 September 2002 Edition
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Writing a daily column can be damned hard work. Every day I have to try and come up with something that is different, interesting, relevant, timely and worthy of a reader's valuable time.

When I first started Aardvark it was published once a week and the biggest problem was deciding what to leave out. The industry was in its infancy, personalities abounded and the pace of innovation was frenetic.

Since then however, things have changed an awful lot. These days the main players in the industry are stiff, stuffy companies rather than head-strong, opinionated individuals with a penchant for stirring things up.

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Who could forget the likes of John O'Hara and Chris Tyler -- a pair of antagonists who kept the Net-industry press loaded with quotes and tales of "unorthodox" behaviour.

Back in those early days, we all knew the names and attitudes of those who were at the helm of every Kiwi ISP. These days things are different.

To be honest, I'd have to look up my little notebook to see who's running Xtra right now and I probably wouldn't recognise them if we passed in the street.

Gone are the crazy (perhaps outrageous) battles that were waged for so long between Voyager and Xtra. Battles that saw John O'Hara's team stealing email addresses from a poorly configured server at Xtra and then spamming them with a better offer.

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These days it's all boring press releases from nameless suits -- although this seems to suit some publishers who simply put a by-line on the top and publish this material as "news".

When you're trying to steer clear of "announcements" and focus on the more interesting aspects of the industry however, some days it becomes really hard to find something worth writing about. Can you guess that today is one of those days?

It gets even worse when (as is the case today) you're weighed down with a stinking cold and all you feel like doing is going back to bed.

So, rather than try and kick-start my brain this morning I'm going to do something long-overdue. I'm going to ask you all to send me some feedback on this daily column, where you'd like to see things heading, and how it can be improved.

One thing I *do* want to pursue is the inclusion of "guest columns" from people who have something to say. If I had a guest column on file right now I'd already be back in bed and you'd be reading it.

But what about things such as the topics being covered?

Although my primary focus is on the Net, I also cover topics such as music piracy, games, general technology, etc.

What do you want to see more of and what have you had enough of?

Is the current news links section adequate, too much, insufficiently categorised?

Fire off your emails now. I probably won't get a chance to publish them today (I will head back to bed in a few minutes) but I'll read them all and use them to refine the directions in which Aardvark is headed.

If you want to have your say on the contents of today's column then please do so. Only comments marked "For Publication" will (if I have time) be published in the reader's comments section.

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Security Alerts
Flaw in Word can allow file theft (TheAge - 13/09/2002)

File-name flaw threatens PGP users (ZDNet - 06/09/2002)

Microsoft reveals security hole (NewsFactor - 02/09/2002)

Microsoft plugs critical Office holes
(ITWorld - 22/08/2002)

Security flaw hits Windows, Mac, Linux (NewsFactor - 7/08/2002)

Virus Alerts
Linux server worm exploits known flaw
(VNuNet - 13/09/2002)

Worm spreads through KaZaA network, again (TheReg - 22/08/2002)

Apher worm: From Russia (ZDNet - 22/08/2002)

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Open in New Window New MP calls for ISPs to filter porn
ISPs should be required to filter content for pornography says new United Future MP Paul Adams, who raised the issue in parliament this week...

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Open in New Window U.K.'s data-retention proposal dealt blow
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Open in New Window Music bosses mull piracy options
The UK music industry is putting its faith into new copy protection techniques to fight music piracy, a conference hears...

Open in New Window Sun expands StarOffice giveaway
Sun Microsystems will give away its StarOffice software to ministries of education in Europe and Africa, the company is expected to announce Tuesday, in an effort to undermine rival Microsoft...

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Open in New Window ACCC tackles IRA over "misleading" Web practices
Controversial Australian domain name reseller Internet Registrations Australia is being taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) amidst allegations of misleading conduct...

Open in New Window Optus eyeing WiFi
SPECULATION is growing that Optus is about to launch a high-speed data wireless network...
Australian IT


Open in New Window White House tackles cybersecurity
The White House's cyberspace security plan, scheduled to be released Wednesday, envisions a broad new role for the federal government in maintaining Internet security...

Open in New Window Oracle on Linux edges SQL Server in benchmark
Oracle has posted a benchmarking result which showed its database software on a Linux platform outperformed Microsoft SQL Server by 14 per cent...
The Register

Open in New Window Who Are the Hackers?
Once, there were "black hat" hackers and "white hat" hackers -- bad guys who broke into computers to wreak havoc, and good guys who tried to find and plug loopholes...

Open in New Window PC squeeze means DVDs for the masses
Budget PC buyers could land a once-luxury DVD burner as computer makers use lower prices to chase sales ahead of the holiday season...

Open in New Window Pioneer DVD drives too hot to handle
Pioneer Electronics said Tuesday that its DVD-rewritable drives overheat when recording on certain high-speed disks...

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