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Game, Set And Match To Advantage Computers Ltd
Breaking News: 12:45pm
Several months ago, Advantage Computers Ltd (ACL) scored a notable court-room win against the much larger Advantage Group (AG), in respect to which of the two companies deserves the trademark "Advantage".

Faced with an embarrassing need to rebrand some of its products the wake of the judgement, AG appealed the decision.

The appeals court has today upheld the original decision, leaving AG further out of pocket and no better off. I suspect there will be some frantic brainstorming going on over at AG as they try to come up a new trademark for some of their products.

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Shhh! Don't Talk About The Net 7 October 2002 Edition
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While I was making my breakfast this morning it occurred to me just how snobbish and introverted the TV industry was when compared to the Net.

As I rescued two slices of flaming bread from the clutches of an over-enthusiastic toaster, I tried very hard to think of any Net-specific programmes currently screening on free-to-air TV.

There's certainly plenty of Net-based content dealing with TV programmes -- but it appears that this is very much a one-way street.

Why is this?

We all know that the Net is no longer very "fashionable" in the wake of the 2000 tech-wreck, but surely, given the levels of Net use in NZ, there must be some interest amongst the viewing public?

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The last locally produced TV program dedicated to the Net that I can recall was that thing hosted by Fiona McDonald and sponsored by Xtra. It did a reasonable job of covering the basics but was fairly "dry" and lacking in entertainment value.

The BBC has a pretty good programme in the form of Click Online but it screens at some ungodly hour of the night so probably doesn't get the NZ audience it might otherwise deserve.

Quite frankly I'm rather surprised by TV's seeming avoidance of Net-related programming. They're still pretty quick to report the latest porno-ring busts, viruses, and other negative aspects of Net use but seem hell-bent on ignoring the many hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who are Net users.

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    The most non-sensational Net coverage we seem to get on the box are those little segments in shows like Good Morning where someone gets a five minute spot to review a few websites they like (yawn!)

    Where's the really interesting stuff?

    Surely there's enough material for a weekly 20 minute (plus ads) programme covering all the topical material that affects the Net and its users these days.

    Online piracy, virus protection, the future of Net/TV/games-console/etc integration, and all the stuff that I cover on a daily basis in this column.

    While it must be acknowledged that a certain amount of this material might be a bit geeky for a general audience - an awful lot of it (if presented properly) would be of interest to a far wider audience.

    Need an example?

    How many "average" Net users (as opposed to Aardvark readers) and parents in particular, know exactly what's legal and what's not when it comes to copying and sharing music, pictures and video over the Net?

    How many "average" Net users know how to really go about finding information on the Net -- outside of typing a simple query into Google?

    How many "average" Net users know whether it's worthwhile paying extra to get wireless Net capabilities in their next cellphone, PDA, etc?

    What about the bewildering array of ISP and connectivity options that new and existing users must choose from? Does a fast PC improve surfing speed? Does satellite Internet really work?

    The list things goes on and on -- or at least it *would* if TV weren't seemingly determined to ignore it.

    Or have I got this all wrong?

    Would you (or your less Net-aware friends/family) actually bother watching a program that dealt with the Net and other hi-tech subjects? Or would you be too busy browsing the web instead?

    If you want to have your say on the contents of today's column then please do so. Only comments marked "For Publication" will (if I have time) be published in the readers' comments section.

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