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Local Registrar Unwitting Party to ING Scam
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Dateline: 12:35pm, 26 April, 2002
As reported previously, Australian company The Internet Group (ING) have once again been engaging in unscrupulous marketing tactics in an attempt to extract cash from Kiwi nameholders.

Being unable to register .nz domain names directly following its banning as a registrar last year, the company has instead been using the automated registration process operated by local registrar's CEO, Robert Wiles is keen to set the record straight and make it quite clear that they were not a willing party to ING's actions.

In an email to Aardvark, Wiles writes "I wish to inform you and your readers that we do not condone ING's activities and are monitoring the situation and are operating in full consultation with Domainz. The only way to limit the scam is to ensure that recipients of the mass mail-out are aware of the scam and aware that they do not need to register their domain name through and expensive third party when they can do it directly with an accredited registrar for much less that $125."

Wiles also confirms that by charging $125 for registering domain names, ING was planning to earn themselves a healthy margin of almost $100.

"It appears that is unwittingly involved in the ING scam because of its position as NZ's cheapest registrar (NZ$28 + GST per year). It appears that once ING staff receive a faxed response to one of their mass mail-out letters they charge the customer $125 and then register the domain name under's automated registration process"

Promises from ING that their executive Mark Spektor would return calls made yesterday asking for comment have yet to be honoured. Perhaps the company's scheduled court appearance today to face charges of misleading marketing practices might explain this tardiness.

New Zealand's domain name registry, Domainz has issued a press release on the matter.

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