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ISOCNZ criticised again
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ISOCNZ has again come in for criticism by members of the Internet community.

One case involves their resonse to a complaint by Dean Pemberton of ProActive who claims that his domain name had been deleted from the registry without either his request or his permission.

ISOCNZ's response, while accurate, was seen by some as being a little less than optimal. Peter Mott of NETregistry criticised ISOCNZ for their response, claiming that the customer deserved a more than the blame and a referral to the somewhat terse and technical contents of the relevant RFC.

On a positive note, this particular case has highlighted the importance of educating customers as to their rights and obligations with respect to their DNS entries.

Mr Mott is also critical of ISOCNZ's lack of response to some of his queries and requests for comment on what he believes are important issues. This is not the first time such a complaint has been lodged against ISOCNZ and while the appointment of a manager for the ISOCNZ registry has seen a significant improvement in the openness and speed of communciations with that part of the organisation, it remains difficult to get statements on matters of policy and other non-registry issues.

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