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Consultants bypassing NZ DNS registry
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It seems that a (growing) number of local Internet consultants and designers have started recommending to their customers that they consider the option of a .com address in preference, or as an adjunct to a .co.nz one when putting their companies on the Internet.

Ongoing squabling over the way the NZ DNS policy is being handled, combined with a perception that while a .co.nz domain may provide useful geographical information, a .com offers more "street-cred" in the global marketplace are combining to see a dramatic increase in the number of such registrations of late.

As someone who has recently gained some "first hand" experience of what a .com address can do for the international popularity of a site, I can suggest that there is merit to these assertions. When 7am News (www.7am.co.nz) also registered www.7am.com, the level of hits from outside of New Zealand increased noticeably.

Other organisations choosing .com domains include Voyager who have registered the second level domain nzl.com in an effort to capture their own slice of the domain space.

If anyone else has experienced any positive or negative effects from the use of .com domain names, I would be interested in hearing their comments.

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