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The NZ computer industry web-site @IDG today carries a story about a possibly embarrassing security slip-up at DVP, an Australian web-design company owned by Telecom NZ.

As a result of some cyber-sleuthing or perhaps a tip-off, @IDG discovered some interesting graphics on the DVP site which obviously show some of the preliminary work being done for Wilson and Horton (publishers of the NZ Herald) as they prepare to venture onto the Net.

Good work @IDG, this is real Aardvark territory! However... one must question the sensibilities behind IDG's decision to republish (without permission) the graphics they found. It would appear that IDG's copying and publishing of these graphics from the DVP site represents a blatant breach of copyright and potentially exposes them to legal action by DVP. I would have expected IDG to be more "aware" of the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights of others and it could hardly be argued that the copying and republishing of these images represents "fair dealing" under the terms of the copyright act.

No doubt some will argue "but Aardvark has done this", which is not quite true. Last year, when Aardvark discovered some potentially embarrasing graphic images on IDG's own web site, the article concerned only carried links to the original graphics on that site, along with clear attribution, the images were not copied and republished on Aardvark's own site.

It is likely that DVP will not be impressed with IDG's expose', but whether they are sufficiently upset to take the matter further remains to be seen.

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