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AOL to give Xtra some competition?
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Reports indicate that America Online (AOL), the largest online service in the USA, is about to make a move down-under.

The exact nature and scale of the move is not known at this time but given the very real similarities between the problems experienced by Telecom's Xtra service and those which have plagued AOL it becomes obvious who will be threatened most by this move.

In the USA, AOL has been successfully sued by a number of parties over their poor management of subscriber growth, an error which has resulted in unacceptable levels of reliability and, for some, endless busy signals. In fact things are so bad in the US that one court judge has ordered AOL to stop soliciting new customers until they are in a position to provide an adequate level of service to the ones they already have.

Given that Xtra still appears to be the victim of unfortunate problems with its email and that users are still complaining about not being able to connect reliably, one must question, yet again, the sensibility of the new high-profile TV advertising campaign currently underway.

Here's hoping that Xtra can keep up with the demand they create in the market.

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