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It appears that the issue of copyright on the Internet simply isn't going to go away.

An innovative little New Zealand web site, www.pizza.co.nz was created to provide Net users with a comprehensive index to all the Pizza Parlours around the country. A good idea since everyone knows the long-standing relationship between computers, computer-users and pizza.

Unfortunately for the site's creators, Telecom Directories didn't quite see it the same way and stomped heavily on the site's owners with threats of prosecution for breach of copyright.

It would appear that the list of pizzarias, their street addresses and phone numbers came out of the Yellow Pages - and they were reproduced "verbatim" - a clear breach of copyright.

Of course Telecom Directories can't copyright the actual information, just the presentation, which means that although it's not legal to directly transcribe or copy the information from a printed or electronic copy, it can be compiled from other sources and presented in a different form.

Pizza.co.nz is apparently now embarking on just such an information gathering exercise and hopes to have its listings back on line shortly.

Let the feasting commence!

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