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Sun and Microsoft dispute Java license
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Microsoft has announced the release of their Java SDK 1.5, available for download from www.microsoft.com/java/sdk. One component of this new release is a Java VM for use with Netscape's Navigator browser.

Microsoft's Java VM is acknowledged as being superior in robustness and performance to the one currently shipped with Navigator (licensed from Borland) so this could be an attractive option for those who want to beef up the Java capabilities of their favourite browser.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, Sun consider that the shipping of this component is a violation of their licensing agreement which effectively requires all products derived from the licensed components to have a certain level of added value.

At this time the dispute seems to be just one of words but given the litigious nature of this industry, it could end up in the courts.

Aardvark's advice - download the Microsoft Java VM now (while you can).

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