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Australasian Web-ad spend US$50m by 2000
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Research firm Jupiter Communications anticipates that the total Net advertising spend for Australasia will be at least US $50 million by the year 2,000.

At present, the US market makes up a huge 98.5% of the world's total ad spend with just 1.5% of this revenue being spent in other countries.

President of Jupiter Communications, Gene DeRose says "While the markets in many countries will - for the next few years at least - remain hampered by poor telecommunications infrastructures, high telco costs, low incomes, lagging interest and other obstacles, the most promising markets will grow substantially. Jupiter projects that advertising revenues out side of the US will climb to $25.0m in 1997, and $704.0m in the year 2000. That's a move from 1.5% to 12% (of the world total) in four years.

Currently Japan, UK, Germany and the Netherlands have the most well developed ad markets outside the USA with Japan claiming a spend of over US $1.7m in 1996.

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