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Changes in the wind at Telecom?
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After much rumour and speculation within the industry, reports received during the past day or so now indicate that there may have been some kind of organisational restructuring within Telecom that brings a tighter integration between Telecom Directories, Xtra Internet Services and the First Media divisions.

No concrete facts have yet come to hand but it appears that Telecom are looking to bring the three groups more closely together so as to reduce costs and improve performance.

The catalyst for this move may have been the recently announced allowances for "startup costs" associated with Xtra and First Media.

Telecom Directories is acknowledged as being one of Telecom's more profitable divisions and bringing these three groups closer together may be Telecom's way of balancing some of the revenue streams - offsetting the losses of Xtra and First Media against the healthy profits of Directories.

More information on this story as it comes to hand....

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