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Lawyers called in over "framing"
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Several online news publishers have formed a group to take action against a site which is allegedly "repackaging" their content in an "unfair" manner.

TotalNEWS, the defendant in the action is alleged to be unfairly leveraging the content of News publishers such as CNN, the LA Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Most observers believe that the use of subframing when linking to the content of another site goes beyond the realms of "acceptable linking practice" and is tantamount to republishing without permission.

Aardvark and 7am have already spoken to most of these organisations and received releases to link to the contents of their site, but this permission was given in conjunction with an assurance from 7am/Aardvark that their content would not be framed with other branding or advertising.

This action has the potential to set a precedent every bit as important as the Shetland News case where the legality of all links is being questioned.

It is worthwhile noting that even TVNZ's News site no longer sub-frames its link to CNN (good on you TVNZ for waking up) and that the industry as a whole appears to be more aware of the importance of intellectual property rights.

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