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IHUG peeved at Telecom delays
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IHUG announced yesterday that recent delays in the provision of extra phone-lines, the resolution of a fault within circuits provided by Netway and the provision of more national bandwidth has resulted in a halt to the signing up of new "southern" customers.

This is not the first time that Telecom delays have hindered IHUG's expansion and Tim Wood says "Delays over the year have caused a loss of around $200,000 in initial earnings, with unrealised income from lost customers running even higher, we have calculated a figure close to $500,000".

Wood states that IHUG is presently looking for ways of recovering this loss and is frustrated that the delays have occurred at a time when they have already committed to significant levels of advertising.

Wood does however hand out a bouquet to certain "key members" in the Telecom team, stating that they appear to be turning around the previously lacklustre service that has been delivered in the past.

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