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ISOCNZ Registry goes off the air on Saturday
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ISOCNZ's Web server will undergo a major software upgrade on Saturday and at that time, the services normally available from the site will be temporarily unavailable.

Patrick O'Brien from ISOCNZ's registry is quick to point out that this will in no way affect the operation of the DNS system which runs on a completely separate system.

This afternoon the ISOCNZ registry plans to go live with a new site (apparently called the "who's Bean" campaign) which is focused on helping domain holders get pre-July names fully registered.

The new site is a resource kit of information for name holders, explaining what the full registration process is all about, how to check whether holders need to do anything and what actions they need to take.

Patrick O'Brien says "The Registry is increasingly finding that its customers are ordinary folk, trying to go about their business, just wanting to be dealt with in plain English. The site has been developed with that end-user in mind, technical gurus may be a little disappointed."

ISOCNZ's registry faces the daunting task of contacting the owners of a large number of names which were registered prior to July last year and for which only very sparse details are held on file.

Holders of pre-July domain names who don't provide full details to allow ISOCNZ's registry records to be updated will find their domain names cancelled. O'Brien already reports a slow trickle of cancellations arriving from the holders of domain names which are no longer required.

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