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OzEmail seeks to sell down Voyager stake
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Voyager, one of the "big three" ISPs is planning a change to its shareholding, with OzEmail, presently the largest shareholder at 80%, looking to sell down to as little as 50% in order to bring in some fresh blood.

John O'Hara, Managing Director of Voyager says that with an increased focus on telephony products in the form of their Net faxing and Net Telephone products, they're looking for someone who can bring added expertise in this area.

Voyager says that testing of the Intenet Telephone product is continuing and that the launch of the Fax service has been held up due to damage to the production facility which makes the small but essential fax-router boxes at the heart of the system. "We've also decided to increase the amount of functionality within the fax-router which can be updated from our servers and this has contributed to the delays" said O'Hara.

As an aside, Xtra, iHug and anyone else interested in keeping an eye on what's happening at Voyager might want to follow this secret link.

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