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Sausage not the "Hot Dog" any longer
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It was an overnight rags to riches story that saw an expat NZer Steve Outtrim hoisted from the role of impoverished programmer to the head of his own public company, Sausage Software, effectively giving him a personal wealth of A$90 million - but now the wheels may be falling off.

Unfortunately the market which was created and then owned by their flagship product, HotDog, is now under heavy attack by competition from the "big" names such as Microsoft.

As a result of this competition, and perhaps at least in part due to Outtrim's own $200,000 a year salary and penchant for Porsches, Sausage Software has made a disappointing loss of A$2.8 million.

On the back of this news, Sausage's share price has plummeted from a one-time high of A$1.50 to just A$0.26 with experts predicting that it could fall further unless the company is able to boost revenues and cut costs.

In light of these predictions, plans are afoot to lay off over a third of HotDog's staff and to place renewed emphasis on the development and marketing of new products. In fact, things are so tight that they're even trying to sell ad-space on their own home page.

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