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Another security problem for MSIE3?
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Microsoft must be spitting tacks after yet another potential security hole appears to have been found in their Internet browser product.

According to reports on the international wires, malicious Web sites could exploit a flaw in the way MSIE 3 handles "shortcuts" on the Win'95 and Win/NT desktops.

By exploiting this flaw the evil-at-heart could wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Net user's computer, allegedly deleting or altering files and, some reports indicate, even reformatting the hard disk.

After the last MSIE 3 security scare, Microsoft created a specific security section on its Web site. Microsoft downplayed the importance of the last scare by emphasizing the importance of the Authenticode component signing technology. Unfortunately the latest flaw completely side-steps the Authenticode and this has forced Microsoft to announce that a "fix" will be published within 48 hours.

Bloomberg News reports Paul Balle, product manager for the IE product group as saying "Microsoft is concerned about this as we are about anything to do with customer safety".

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