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Kiwi Web talent in demand overseas
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Kiwi Web designer Dave Blyth is heading off to the USA shortly to meet with a growing list of customers who have chosen the local boy to create their web sites.

Why would industry giants such as NKG and big-name car dealers such as 'Newport Beach Rolls Royce and Bently' import web-design talent rather than tap their own local resources?

"The web makes things an even playing field so initially location is not as important as quality of the site and graphics" says Blyth. "About 30% of our clients are now from the USA. Having a 'dot com' name (www.autowebdesign.com) has been invaluable for the intitial contact. Often it's been after several job orders that the clients have realised I'm not in America."

Blyth says that NZ web standards are high but that through WDNZ it is hoped to raise them even further.

While in the USA, Blyth also hopes to soak up some of the culture and technology at the LA Internet show.

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