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Computerland WCS pulls contentious Web pages
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After much criticism from local Internet users, Computerland WCS has pulled the "Hall of Shame" pages from its Internet Web site.

The pages, intended as a showcase of "how not to build a web site" and which listed a number of NZ Web sites were seen by some to be in bad taste, with many critics being quick to point out that Computerland's own site was not without fault.

ComputerLand's spokesman, Simon Griffiths, said "All the people on the shame list were emailed before the list was made public. Feedback from the actual owners of these web sites has been quite positive. Certainly much more positive than other comments"

Perhaps the real reason for the large number of venomous comments over the site have more to do with the way the site was announced than its actual content. ComputerLand were foolish enough to breach accepted practice (netiquette) by posting commercial messages promoting the site and other services to the nz.comp and nz.general newsgroups. Possibly using a less contentious name may also have produced a kinder response, but then again few people complain about sites such as Worst of the Web.

In the face of growing criticism, Computerland have decided to pull the pages rather than weather the barrage of uncomplimentary comments which were forthcoming.

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