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The rumours have been circulating for months that Xtra boss Chris Tyler was about to resign and for months Xtra's PR people have been denying it.

This morning, IDG are reporting that it's now official and that the rumours were true.

However, while most of the rumours were that Tyler had been offered a position by Sprint in the USA, it appears that he's only jumping across the Tasman to Solution 6, owner of Access One, a large Australian ISP.

Observers say that Tyler's departure from Xtra marks a a change in emphasis from simply recruiting subscribers at any cost to a focus on producing some returns on the huge investments made to date.

Reports indicate that Xtra's "honeymoon" period may be over and that the beancounters are now demanding to see the red ink turn to black, a change possibly even more important considering the Commerce Commission's investigations and private action by Voyager alleging predatory pricing.

What this means to Xtra subscribers is unknown since it is obvious that to meet the demands for increased profitability, either costs must be cut or revenues boosted. Will we see an increase in Xtra's hourly rates or more emphasis on alternative revenue streams such as on-line advertising and electronic commerce?

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