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Unsolicited commercial email and 'spam' - it's evil stuff! As recent events have shown it can also be a catalyst for anger within the industry as some ISPs are forced to erect virtual sandbags to prevent their sites and user's mailboxes from being flooded with unwanted junk-mail. So what are ISPs doing about it?

Most (if not all) ISPs have a clause in their contract of service which specifically warns their subscribers against engaging in such activities, but is it enough to hide this warning away amongst the fine print?

Subsequent to recent stories published on Aardvark, several ClearNet subscribers have written to say "I never saw anything about this in the documentation I was sent", an obvious indication that things could be improved in this area.

Perhaps the proposed ISP "code of practice" should mandate that all ISPs should include a declaration on their subscription form that requires users to expressly sign a statement stating that they will not engage in such practices. Perhaps even a condition of service which allows the ISP to charge any offending subscriber for the costs associated in cleaning up the mess which so often follows such an event as hundreds or thousands of angry replies come back from those who aren't amused.

Aardvark invites letters to the editor on this subject and the proposal that ISPs are obliged to get a signature next to the "I shall not spam" clause.

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