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More consolidation in NZ Net Industry
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As the larger cash-rich ISPs such as Xtra place increased pressure on the smaller players in the NZ Internet industry, the smarter operators are starting to consolidate their resources and forge strategic alliances.

The latest such alliance has just been announced between ISP iProlink and presence provider Netbyte.

In a joint press release, iProlink and Netbyte state "Netbyte Internet and Internet Prolink have joined forces to provide the best corporate internet solution available in New Zealand. Iprolink's strength is in the connectivity market, and Netbyte's strengths are in integration, web design and deployment. Collectively Netbyte and Iprolink offer an unparalleled internet service to New Zealand businesses."

This announcement sees yet another "jump" in iProlink's customer-count, following hot on the tail of a very positive review in Consumer Magazine and the acquisition of i-Max's customer-base earlier this year.

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