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Parliamentary news goes online
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A new Internet-based parliamentary news agency went live yesterday.

The site at www.newsroom.co.nz has been running in "test mode" since the opening of MMP Parliament on February 18 and intends to create an online record of Parliament through to the 21st century.

In what is believed to be a world first, the major NZ political parties, National , Labour and the Alliance are now placing their press-releases, speeches and articles on the Web.

The site is managed by Editor Peter Fowler and Political Editor Alastair Thompson, both award-winning journalists. They intend to make the site's content available for republication by newspapers and radio stations throughout the country.

The site is hosted by Wellington ISP and presence provider Actrix and was developed by Cybercorp in conjunction with the Internet development company SQUiZ.

NewsRoom also provides media-summaries of the news from RNZ and mainstream daily newspapers.

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