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ISOCNZ move angers many
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What do David Dix, Paul Reynolds and the 20 or so Net users with registered domain names who emailed me over the past two weeks have in common?

They're all less than impressed with the way ISCONZ have handled the issue of updating the information held relating to their domain names.

David Dix, owner and operator of the KCBBS/KCCS ISP has made public his contempt for the actions of ISOCNZ in the nz.org.isocnz newsgroup, while normally mild-mannered Scotsman Paul Reynolds has lashed out in his NZ InfoTech Weekly column.

So, what have ISOCNZ got wrong?

Dix argues that he already has a contract that covers his domain names and that if ISOCNZ has a problem with their records, they should contact the previous operators of the DNS and "sort it out with them". He's also less than complimentary about the wording of the communications sent by ISOCNZ, which is somewhat of a thinly veiled threat - promising "cancellation" of your domain name if you don't respond.

Reynolds complains that he spent over two and a half hours online trying to comprehend and complete the online form required to confirm that he still wants his domain name.

ISOCNZ are telling holders of pre July-'96 domain names that they should respond quickly to avoid having their domain names canceled - let's hope they follow their own advice.

Net users might be interested to observe that using the form conveniently provided, it is apparent that as of 7:00am this morning, ISCONZ have a pre-'96 registration that has not been updated. This begs the question: Should they not lead by example?

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