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IT Managers need to stay alert
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Gone are the days when the company could sit safely behind a firewall and feel moderately complacent about the threat posed by the outside world. Events of recent weeks have shown that the humble Web browser now represents a significant threat to the integrity and security of an organisation's computer systems.

Instead of considering the browser to be a relatively benign piece of software, IT managers must now carefully audit the browser products they have installed - checking to make sure that if it's MSIE, there aren't any "unpatched" versions lying around on user's local drives, and double-checking that ActiveX is disabled.

But MSIE isn't alone, the latest news from the US indicates that Shockwave is a threat to security. In theory, all plug-ins have the potential to create problems since they are able to interact at an operating-system level with a user's computer.

Those IT manager who don't already have a screening and audit system in place to control exactly what browsing software is installed in their organisations had better wake-up and get going before it's too late!

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