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ClearNet plans more bandwidth to ease congestion
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Late entry into the ISP market, ClearNet have announced they are looking to double their international bandwidth to ease what some users are reporting as significantly reduced throughputs at peak times.

In a usenet newsgroup, Gordon King, ClearNet's operations manager said "We are experiencing some congestion on our international bandwidth at peak times and we do need more bandwidth to fix this. Doubling it ought to do it and we should do it within a week, so that's what we'll do."

This was in answer to a message titled "Xtra is twice as fast as ClearNet" posted by a user who had performed some back-to-comparisons between the two services.

In his own inimitable way, David Dix of KCCS replied suggesting that ClearNet obviously has a problem doing even the most simple forecasts of link capacity requirements. Dix also suggested that he thought Clear was simply pushing their existing links to the absolute limit well before agreeing to provision extra international bandwidth.

KCCS is part of a group including iProlink and ICONZ which is seeking alternative sources of international links so as to "get away from the telcos" as Dix puts it.

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