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Local ISPs ramp up anti-spam measures
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New Zealand's ISPs are working towards implementing systems which will reduce the levels of spam and unsolicited commercial email sent from their sites.

Voyager have revised the terms and conditions of service in their customer contract to place strong emphasis on educating users as to their rights and responsibilities. Their contract now makes it quite clear what is acceptable and what is not - along with notification that costs can and will be on-charged to anyone guilty of blatantly abusing their account.

ClearNet has created a special email account designed to receive and respond to reports of Net abuse by any of its customers. According to Clear's Internet Product Specialist Olof Olsson, the account, abuse@clear.net.nz, will be monitored around the clock.

Some ISPs are also investigating options to modify software so that attempted spams from a site are automatically detected and restricted, however there are many peripheral issues to be solved before this type of system is implemented.

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