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Wired to enter mainstream news market?
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12 May 1997

Visitors to Wired's Web site over the past day or so might have been surprised by the bright yellow screen which replaced the normally sombre black and red.

Wired was running a user-feedback survey in an information-gathering exercise, obviously oriented towards aiding in the design and development of a "killer" news site.

Participants in the survey were presented with a range of questions and asked to comment on several of the industry-leading sites such as News.com, and the New York Times.

Judging by the content of the survey, it seems that Wired may have plans to produce a powerful new entry into the field of Net-based news and current events reporting, competing head on with the likes of CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal and their ilk.

Net users were induced into participating through the chance to win some pocket-change for their efforts.

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