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DNS mix-up shuffles the Web
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17 June 1997

Wide-awake Web users yesterday might have been somewhat confused when attempts to access SearchNZ, a popular search-engine produced unexpected results.

For some reason, the fabric of the local DNS became a little warped and those expecting to locate some interesting Web content by entering a keyword or two into SearchNZ's engine were instead greeted with a cyber-brochure for a toothpaste tube squeezer. Perhaps every bit as useful for some, but not quite what most surfers would have been looking for.

It is not clear whether other sites were reported, but several other reports of "misbehaving sites" were also received - although this could be coincidental.

This comes on top of growing concerns from a number of Net users and industry workers regarding the state of Net routing within New Zealand.

According to reports, the number of anomalies and hiccups which can be directly attributed to improper configurations is growing and needs to be dealt with.

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