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30 June 1997

It's "T minus zero".

Today's the day that ISOCNZ pulls the plug on the raft of domains which have not been reregistered and some sites may simply disappear from the Internet.

Peter Mott of NETRegistry has reported that already business is becoming brisk as people realise at the last moment what's about to happen to their sites and email connectivity.

Aardvark understands that sometime this morning the axe will fall when hundreds of entries are purged from the DNS, the master phone book of the NZ Internet.

An inspection of those whose registrations are still pending indicates that the owners of many at-risk names will probably be left to lapse. Names such as aotearoa-mtv.co.nz will probably disappear forever, however one must wonder whether it's really the intention of ISOCNZ to delete the entry for nzgate.net.nz?

Also noticeable in the list of names to be deleted are a number of generics which the speculator obviously realises aren't quite the valuable commodity they first thought.

So, if your favourite site suddenly vanishes in the next day or so, give it another day and it may just reappear as people frantically work to re-register their names.

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