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ClearNet offers Mars mission video relay
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4 July 1997

The US Pathfinder mission to Mars is due to touchdown (or should that be "bounce-down") early Saturday NZST.

ClearNet have advised that they will be carrying "live pictures from Mars" at the URL http://mars.clear.net.nz.

Users wishing to view this feed will need a Java-capable browser as the viewing is using applet software from Vosaic. Be prepared for a large download, the applet alone is 340Kbytes. Mac users are (yet again) out of luck, they'll only be able to listen to the audio due to some Java performance problems on the Mac.

It's not actually clear what will be seen from this feed because although Clear are claiming that it will carry "live video from Mars", an article on the InfoWorld site indicates that the Vosiac feed will only carry images and audio of happenings from the mission control room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California.

A host of extra data can be found at Sun's Pathfinder Mission Web site. One must wonder however how accurate their view of Mars is when according to the world map on the Sun site, New Zealand no longer exists on the face of the earth.

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