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CTU to hold on-line conference on compulsory super
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4 July 1997

In a striking initiative from the Council of Trade Unions (CTU), an online conference to discuss the issue of compulsory superannuation is planned for Saturday 12 July.

"We believe this is the first time in New Zealand that a live public debate has been held on the Internet on a current political issue" said CTU Secretary Angela Foulkes.

Pre-registration and more information on the event can be obtained from the web site at www.referendum.org.nz.

Many in the local Internet Industry must find it embarrassing that the CTU seems to have a better understanding of how to use the Net as a two-way public forum than many of the so-called "Net experts".

It was only a few months ago a Conference about the Net was strongly criticised for not using the medium which it was discussing.

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