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Tyler poaches Xtra's management
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4 July 1997

When Xtra's visionary leader left for Australia a couple of months ago, rumours were rife that this was part of a covert move by Xtra to acquire Access One, one of Australia's larger ISPs.

Of course these rumours were strongly denied by Telecom but it's very strange how so many ex-Xtra employees now appear to be appearing on Mr Tyler's new payroll.

Mark Yeoman and Steward Robinson, both ex-Xtra people have jumped the ditch to join Tyler and an article in The Australian says "Tyler, coincidentally, is a former CEO of Xtra and is still allied strongly with the TCNZ camp."

But wait.. there's more! Bryan Rowe has left Xtra and taken up the position of Sales and Marketing GM for Access One while Peter Saunders is now CFO for Solution 6.

It would appear that instead of Xtra moving to take-over Access One, Access One has now poached almost all of Xtra's management! Who will be next to skip the ditch?

In another surprise move, Nigel Horrocks has departed from Xtra to pursue some personal interests although he will still be consulting to the Xtra Content group and I expect we'll still see his excellent weekly column in The Herald.

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