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11 Sept 1997

Yesterday Aardvark reported that a site labeling itself as a "Networks Diagnostic" service but which was configured to launch denial of service attacks on nominated hosts, was running at XTRA.

As it turns out, the site was not running on XTRA's servers and although XTRA are now aware that the site existed, it did not officially sanction its existance or use.

Investigations also reveal that the site, www.mulsya.gen.nz had previously, on at least one occasion, been used to launch denial of service attacks, an activity that saw the offender's Internet account with IHUG cancelled.

The site was operated by XTRA employee Michael Webster and had been connected to the Net through a dial-up XTRA account. A check this morning reveals that the site appears to have now been taken "off the air".

Webster claims that earlier use of the site from an IHUG account was as a result of a security breach that allowed an unauthorised user to launch the attacks.

It is claimed that there is no evidence to indicate that the site has used to launch such attacks subsiquent to that occasion.

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