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Sites coping with power crisis
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23 Feb 1998

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As highlighted in yesterday's story, the current Auckland power crisis has affected a number of Auckland ISPs and Web hosting organisations. One of those companies is ClearView, an Internet design, hosting and consulting firm with a customer list that includes NBR, Air New Zealand and BellSouth, to name but a few.

Aardvark spoke with Phil Gouge, a director of ClearView, to find out how they're coping.

I see you guys were knocked off the air by the power problems this weekend - but you're back up now. Have you been affected by the power outage?

Yes, we connect via Netlink. Their Auckland University node had only a small standby capacity and this took us off the air at various stages from Friday 18:00 until 23:30 Saturday when they installed a diesel generator. Netway then had Frame Relay problems from Netlink to the Waikato which effectively took us off the air from 14:30 Sunday until 10:45 Monday. Our building has not been affected directly by the power outage except for a short outage last Thursday. This outage was covered by our UPS.

What has the effect of this been?

All of our sites have been off the air at various times from 18:00 Friday to 10:40 Monday.

What steps are you taking to work-around the problem(s)?

We worked very closely with Netlink to ensure the best level of service recognising the circumstances e.g. standby generators, UPS upgrades. However at the end of the day the circumstances were outside of our control to a large degree since our site was working normally. We also kept in constant contact with our customers where possible to keep them fully appraised of the changing situation.

Will recent events cause you to change any of your disaster contingency or recovery plans?

On Friday we upgraded our UPS set to give additional capacity just in case our building is hit with power cuts, although we have not as yet been directly affected by the current situation. Over the weekend Netlink sourced (from the Coromandel!) and installed a standby generator however their service was then compromised by the Frame Relay problem at Netway. As our client base place mission critical business processes onto the web clearly network redundency becomes a commercial issue. We are constantly reviewing our contingency and disaster recovery plans to meet the client's requirements.

Will ClearView be seeking compensation from Mercury Energy for losses or damages incurred as a result of the power problems?

No comment at this stage.

Anything else to add?

Fortunately, since we are outside the CBD, our building has not been affected by the power crisis apart from that short interruption on Thursday. This was covered by our existing UPS. We recognise that we may be hit with further power interruptions however and as a consequence have installed additional UPS capacity.

Since we started Clearview three years ago this is the first significant outage that we have suffered which as had a material effect on our clients, and this includes an office relocation. Feedback from our customers has been supportive.

Regular updates on the status of the power problems is available from Mercury Energy's Web site and 7am News is currently providing a regularly updated feature section titled Auckland, a city in crisis.

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