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IHUG announces price cuts for high-speed Internet service
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6 Mar 1998

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While much of the industry is keeping an eagle-eye on the Telecom ADSL trials, IHUG has just announced a price-cut for their Star Net wireless Net service.

In a press release, IHUG are advising that the price of their high-speed "satellite" service has now been reduced to $69+GST per month (flat rate) for Auckland subscribers.

The special hardware required to use the service is also being reduced, albeit for a limited time only. This hardware is now priced at $399+GST.

Tim Wood of IHUG says that the service has been a great success so far and IHUG are now focusing on increasing the number of subscribers in the coverage area.

For those seeking proof of the high-speed abilities of Star Net, IHUG have installed a demo machine in the foyer of their offices. Real Video footage of local kiwi bands can be seen on this machine at speeds which Wood describes as "quite spooky really".

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