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From: enquiries@pogo.co.nz Thu Jun 19 1997
To: ror@aardvark.co.nz
Subject: DNS scalping?


I was dismayed to find Aardvark accusing pogo of DNS scalping. It would have been nice if you had checked with us for comment first, particularly as we have gone so far out of our way to make ourselves net.accessible.

Firstly, here's what we actually DO:

  • We provide a free NZ e-mail directory;
  • We provide free on-line For Sale, Situations Vacant and Personals listings.
  • We provide (as of July 1st) pay-you-to-view advertising services
Other goodies will be rolled out later in the year, as you'll find set out on our web site (http://www.pogo.co.nz/index.html).

As for scalping, the DNS names we have bought are for the collective use of Intranet clients (vis the Intranet Office service coming out in September). Despite your cynicism we are 100% genuine in wanting to ensure that no single organisation can lay claim to them (cf shop.co.nz).

As for the idea of selling off fourth levels (cf bank.co.nz), the idea is patently a loser. I mean, what could you reasonably charge, do you think? $50 per annum? Then hardware, software, a tacky marketting campaign and sysadmin wages... After becoming an utter 'Net pariah you MIGHT make enough to cover the Jolt Cola bill.

You also express cynicism about our claim to be the world's first virtual economy. We don't make this claim lightly; we have searched the 'Net in vain for anything similar. However we will withdraw the claim if we are proved wrong. Sure, there are thriving virtual communities on the 'Net. And there are cyber-shops, and e-banks, and (well, almost) alternative currencies. But IMHO an economy is much more than a collection of unrelated or semi-related facilities and services.

Our aim is to integrate these things in such a way that the public can earn, produce, sell, spend, and then cash-in or bank on-line, *irrespective* of their "real dollar" wealth, before or after the transaction process. (And that he/she can do so with a bog-standard browser, and within a technically secure and friendly environment.)

Our further aim is to do so within the bounds of 'Netiquette and ethical business practice.

Anyway, thanks for the "Right of Reply" button... I'd better stop before I have to provide one at this end. Please take a look around the site and feel very welcome to make liberal use of the feedback button - we launched 4 days ago and are very much interested in receiving users' comments, particularly about presentation and formatting.

Yours sincerely,
Duncan McLachlan
Managing Director Phone 0064 4 4997250 Fax 0064 4 4726374
pogo.co.nz.ltd PO Box 12-296, Wellington, New Zealand

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