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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:26:16 +1200
To: av@faxmail.co.nz
From: Dave Blyth - webdesign
Subject: AV weekly Right of Reply


In last weeks Aardvark you made the comment that "Webdesigner professionals might become somewhat self-serving in the role of "policeman" to the industry. "

We CERTAINLY don't see our role in WDNZ as "Policemen"! We are involved in a very young industry with constantly changing standards but enormous potential and huge growth.

Unfortunately the logistics tend to attract the (as you call them) "cowboys". We are currently working on, among other things, a proposal which will give people an idea what sort of standard a professional web design company has come up to just as many other industrys already do - eg Architects and builders.

Maybe the policing part will come to the web and soon and we certainly hope that we can have a part of the decision making process rather than the "rules of the net" being decided by beaurocrats who have possibly never even seen the net and are basing their judgement on hype created by the press with sensationalised stories like online bomb recipes and Heavens Gate.

Members of WDNZ are genuinely interested in improving things on the net. Keep your eyes out for more things we're achieving soon.


Dave Blyth

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