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From:             hhalasz@eit.ac .nz
Date sent:        Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:08:47 +1200
To:               editor@aardvark.co .nz
Copies to:        rossco@ramhb.co .nz
Subject:          Reverse lookup problem
Dear editor,

We have been advised that your magazine identified our web site as the server responsible for hosting www.webfocus.co.nz.

This is not the case. Due to the incorrect configuration of the DNS server of the ISP RAM Hawke's Bay a reverse address lookup of (the IP address for www.webfocus.co.nz) is incorrectly reported as www.eit.ac.nz. We have asked RAM Hawke's Bay to correct their DNS server accordingly.

Please note that the IP address of our website www.eit.ac.nz is

We would have appreciate to be contacted before the publication of your article and are looking forward to see a correction on your website.

Herbert Halasz
Manager Computer Services

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