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Date sent:        Sun, 8 Feb 1998 17:28:00 -0800 (PST)
To:               Aardvark
From:             info at premium . net . nz
Subject:          Aardvark Weekly,

Being a 'click-trade' site, as you have decieded to yet again blast something without finding out the full story.

I have already made above and beyond my ISP charges per month. and in US$ , 50 Dollars is NOT $50 NZ as you know. Your addition is not exactly factual. My main 'click payor' is 'Click-Trade' itself (about NZ$.26 per click). Blows you 2 cent threoy to hell dosen't it. Also if you know where to go and where to advertise (not by spam or news groups) you can realize anywhere from 10-20 clicks within just a night. I am not about to devulge this trade secret.

Your statment about them not 'being around', again was due to you lack of investigation. 'Click Trade' is owned by Submit-It, which been around for quite some time and has clients the like of Alta Vista and some other major players. (Netscape, FOX Entertainment) etc.

Surfice it to say it IS NOT a 'get rich quick' scheme as you seem to perceive it. For those that want to persevere with it, it can make you some extra money. Granted, it WILL NOT make you rich, but with the right usage and marketing CAN provide you with a little extra income. About the same as your banner ads do for you? Oh, yes, thats another one. Maybe you can have a rag on, http://www.eads.com/ or maybe http://www.safe-audit.com/ that have the same sort of deal except with banners-only.

Actually coming from a person who always states 'Click my ads!' , It seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

I may have mode som speeling mistkes, have fun with them.

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