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Date: Monday 23 Feb 1998
From: Diane Blackmore
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Re: Domain Name Speculation,

One would assume that someone publishing information on the net (which is of course available to thousands) would first get their facts right before publication of those 'facts', or at the very least contact the person in question.

Point 1: I am female, Diane is spelt with an 'i'.

Point 2: We are not speculators, nor have ever been. We are a web design and hosting company that purchase domain names on behalf of clients. We put them in our name for payment security and for privacy, as the ISOCNZ is available to everyone. Each domain name is selected by our clients, and I see no point in anyone, let alone someone who can't check their facts, speculating on the value of any domain.

I hope that next time you care to mention our company any way, shape or from, that you consult with those who can add some factual value to your articles.

Regards, Diane Blackmore Managing Director, Web Innovations Ltd

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