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From: Matthew McNabb
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Big Planet,

Hi there. I saw your large article on Big Planet this week, and I'd like to respond because some of what you are saying is misleading or in fact plain wrong. To clarify things, I am a member of NSI but I do not speak for either of the corporations of NSI or Big Planet.

I am not a hard-sell, no-knowledge person. My decision to join NSI was only made after a great deal of investigation and proof-finding.

In fact, it is the creation of Nu SkinTM who are probably second only to Amway in terms of the scope of their operation.

Yes, they are second ATM. Strictly speaking, Big Planet is not the creation of NSI. In fact, Big Planet existed as an ISP until NSI bought a controlling sharehold 2 years ago, and NSI subsequently invested $30m in revamping it.

I've already had FIVE copies of a junk email associated with the Big Planet operation.

Blame the senders, then. Big Planet doesn't authorise spamming, and frankly IMO, non-targeting spammers are just plain stupid. This reflects nothing at all about Big Planet itself.

These emails were telling me that I could now be financially secure for the rest of my life - reselling electricity and other essential services.

Yes, you can. NSI currently has over 1,000 people at the top level receiving an average of about NZ$1m per year. NSI turns over about US$2b per year and has a D&B 5A-1 credit rating (the highest available). It's listed on the NYSE under 'NUS'. Feel free to check up these references.

[Not "reselling" either. We are the marketing arm for the suppliers. There is no wholesaler in between.]

I personally know someone well who is at the aforementioned level and I have seen his pay cheques. Given NSI's credit rating, it is likely that his cheque will be at least as great every month for the rest of his life, whether he works or not.

Yes, this is from NSI's operation pre-Big Planet. But it is very clear that electricity and other services will be much, much easier to market and then to retain the customers once they are signed up. A renewal rate of 97% is predicted, because of the convenience of having all servies into the home on the one bill, as well as being at a cheaper rate anyway.

NSI currently turns over nearly US$2b per year. Analysts predict that with Big Planet, this turnover will be US$10b per year within a few years. Now, if NSI has created 1,000 people on $1m p.a. in going from 0-$2b in 14 yrs, how much more wealth will be created in going from $2b-$10b in less than 10 years?

"excuse me - can I do this from New Zealand?",

Yes. Myself and many of my associates are doing so as we speak, and are getting incredible results.

and the typical "get rich quick" mentality that MLM schemes attract.

Ironically perhaps, it is the people with this mentality that fail in MLM. Those who succeed are those that realise that one must work hard to earn large incomes, and that the income does not come immediately.

Now it's possible that this was the result of someone posting in all innocence, thinking they were genuinely in possession of a great opportunity - that's that's another

I would wager that most NSI/Big Planet representatives do genuinely think that they are in possession of a great opportunity. Certainly all those that I know do.

danger of these schemes. They sound just so damned good that too many people, who can't be bothered doing their homework, simply believe the sales-pitch at face value

We encourage people to actually do their homework. Big Planet and NSI are programs which, unlike most others, do stand up to scrutiny. NSI is a highly professional and successful company.

site for the local Big Planet victims (oops.. I mean evangelists).

Whether we are victims or not remains to be seen, when our cheques come in. I would rather be in my position than yours though :)

Now be very, very careful if someone from Big Planet approaches you and tries to sell you anything - because they have nothing to sell here in New Zealand

No kidding, we have nothing to hide. Big Planet is a US- only operation at this point in time. The details were announced on March 6 and are available on the website. Big Planet opens officially on April 2.

One of the reasons that NSI has been the most successful MLM company ever is its global marketing plan, which it has given to Big Planet as well. Any distributor, in any authorised country, has equal rights and is viewed in equal eyes by the company. I can derive income from all 24 of these countries (soon to be 40), in any division (NSI, IDN or Big Planet or future divisions), all on the one cheque and with no difference between those in New Zealand and those in other countries.

An organisation of 20,000 downline is unrealistic in New Zealand, I agree. But worldwide, it is very realistic. Again, it has been done and we have figures to prove it.

They're making a very big deal about gaining "Industry Support" and announcing "strategic business relationships" with key players in the industry. Of course this sounds very important - but it means very little. When you read between the lines - Big Planet has bought some gear from some suppliers such as Sun and Netscape who have, in

Hmm. Perhaps you have not seen our Big Planet video tape, on which the CEOs of Netscape, Oracle, Sun and a few others speak wholeheartedly of their support for Big Planet. Now, you may be right that they are being paid to do this, I don't know. But do you think these companies would risk tarnishing their reputations by associating with a ripoff scam?

You might also want to research why Big Planet can provide cheaper services. Currently, Big Planet's long-distance calls are the cheapest available in the United States. (8.9c/min, 24hrs/day). Why? Because of the power of network marketing in reaching customers. It's no coincidence that companies like JC Penney and the above companies are rushing to beg Big Planet to market their services for them. What other method is there of getting a million signups in the first week?

The problem is that the vast majority of people will simply accept the apparent meaning rather than the reality behind of this kind of marketing.

Again, we encourage people to find out what the reality actually is. Network marketing is the most powerful way of reaching consumers in the 90s. Full stop. We have the figures to prove it thus far; and IMO the success of Big Planet is going to blow the competition away.

The bottom line - avoid, avoid, avoid -

Avoid if you're happy to live a life of mediocrity. The fact is that 95% of people in the Western world don't make it financially; ie. by the age of 65 they are either dead or dead broke. For the record, 4% are financially independent and 1% are wealthy. The fact is that you will not become wealthy on a J.O.B. (or Journey Of the Broke, as we say). The risk is not in joining Big Planet; the risk is in _not_ joining it!

It seems to me that if there are alternatives available, one ought to at least consider them seriously. 74% of those 1% who get wealthy are, in the US, those that own their own business. And if Big Planet will do all your paperwork and legal work, give you the infrastructure, and give you a friendly non-competitive environment, what have you got to lose?

The sole difference between MLM and conventional business is that those in MLM get paid on the work done by those they train, rather than those they train leaving and becoming the competition. Hence everyone works together instead of apart, and this is why people become successful.

and it might not be a bad idea to let your friends and relatives know the truth behind these MLM schemes

Indeed, it's certainly not a bad idea to let your friends know the truth about Big Planet. Make sure you actually know what the truth is first, though.

Now, look at this everyone...

The bottom line - avoid, avoid, avoid - and it might not be a bad idea to let your friends and relatives know the truth behind these MLM schemes before they're approached using the hard-sell, no- knowledge methods that seem to be surfacing locally.

and then immediately below..

Spread the word, tell a friend about Aardvark Aardvark's popularity continues to grow steadily and I thank all my readers for their regular visits. I would like to take this moment however to ask you to mention Aardvark and give the URL to a friend or a work-mate this week.

Now, how hypocritical is this, eh?

You seem to also be of the opinion that person-to-person advertising is a good way of spreading the word on something. Congratulations, I think you'd do well as a Big Planet representative.

Thanks for your time,
Matthew McNabb.

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