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Date sent: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:15:02 +1200
From: Penelope Ann Webb
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: "targets",

Dear Sir,

In response to your commentary dated 8/4/98.

The vast majority of contacts made by the web directory staff positively support the idea of the web directory, others as yourself question it's relevance. Those views are entirely personal.

Our company has been established since October last year and have, on average been increasing our productivity by some 33% per month. We now employ 12 people. Only our success will prove the relevance of a "web directory".

Regarding your comments on the more accurate and up to date search engine "access nz". Just for the purpose of the exercise our staff sat down entering company names in accessnz, we looked for among others, a very high profile national Air Freight company (a company who has spent a considerable amount of advertising dollars promoting their web address in our directory). After searching through 65 matches, we were still unable to locate them??

Ill grant you there are many search engines to find subjects or companies, but no-one to date has shown us any as comprehensive or time effective as will be the web directory.

The other point you made was that of concern on receiving junk mail via our CD rom, the issue of receiving junk mail is obviously a sensitive one to yourself, hence your total anonymity. Our company has been active on the internet since October of last year and have in total received "12" junk mail message, I personally find them rather quick and easy to delete. (that of course is my view)

Please rest assured that we are not a company made up of sinister conmen looking to prosper from a quick revenue generating venture. We're here for the public, and a long time.

Our average employee is 21 years old, we're young, fresh and we're smiling.

If any of your readers feel threatened by us, we would like to extend a personal invitation to come and visit us as "Level 7" "West Plaza"
cnr Albert & Fanshaw Streets, Auckland.

Ph: 09 377 2460

Thank you for your time in publishing this response.

Yours faithfully,

Penelope Ann Webb
Managing Director
The Web Directory Limited

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