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IHUG Refocusing, Reviewing Staff Numbers To Maintain Profit 10 October 2000 Edition
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IHUG has announced that it is reviewing staffing levels in light of the effect that a falling dollar has had on the company's operating costs.

In a statement released today, IHUG says that the cuts could effect around 60 of the company's 350-strong workforce.

IHUG Director Nick Wood says the company will be refocusing on core activities as part of the adjustments.

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Mein Gott!!!!!!!!! - Rob

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Yes, we're talking flavours of websites here and I've got to say that The NZ Herald deserves a big pat on the back for putting its site on a major diet and improving the ergonomics.

A page of Herald without the graphics is now just over 30Kbytes -- which compares very favourably with its competition. Over at Stuff.co.nz your modem will have to digest at least twice as much data to display the same amount of news.

And if you want the ultimate in absolutely stupid websites, check out TV3.co.nz which has a Macromedia Flash interface that makes navigation so damned difficult, frustrating and nigh-on impossible that I eventually gave up trying to find a story on the pending IHUG announcement I'd just missed on the 6 pm news.

In an attempt to get around the not-so-Flash interface I cranked up my copy of Opera -- and got this screen. Sigh!

TV3 -- people don't go to your website to be entertained -- they go there to get information. Anything that makes accessing that information harder is bad. Repeat after me -- "the internet is not television, the internet is not television..."

And, while I'm on a beat-up I found it very interesting to compare two very different levels of quality offered by exclusive girls boarding schools.

Comparing the professional, slick, polished and info-rich website that represents Woodford House against the incredibly bad site representing Nga Tawa School For Girls is eye-opening.

Neither of these schools is what you'd call a "cheap" educational option -- but the Nga Tawa website is decidedly second-rate. That graphic on the front page weighs in at 180K bytes but is still very hard to read on my 17" screen -- and almost all of the other graphics show little sign of being optimised for website use.

What's just as bad is that the site is information-poor.

I could find no sign of how much it costs to send a student to Nga Tawa and the Curriculum Guide is presented by way of a very large and scruffy GIF that is extraordinarily difficult to read.

Nga Tawa -- repeat after me -- Our website should mirror our own standards of excellence..."

That Draft Paper On The New Economy
Thanks to all those who have already contributed their comments, critiques and suggestions to the draft paper on fostering a "new economy" I've published on the politics.co.nz website.

Surprisingly enough I've had several emails from citizens of other countries including the USA, England and Australia who have all said that such policies wouldn't go astray in strengthening their own "new economy" activities.

If you've not yet voiced your opinion then please tell me what you think.

Thanks also to those who have sent emails acknowledging that I've contributed some help to their own "new economy" enterprises. I could do with more -- remember that I want to be recognised as someone who's doing his best to stimulate this new economy and not just as a critic of existing policies.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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Microsoft issues new patch for Windows 2000 Telnet security hole (Computerworld)

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Word documents susceptible to "Web bug" infestation (CNet)

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4  Ecorp appoints new MD for eBay Australia, NZ
Ecorp has appointed Simon Smith as managing director of its online auction joint venture business - eBay Australia and New Zealand...

4  Telstra pawn in political game
A POLITICAL furore has erupted over the future of Telstra, with Labor promising to never fully privatise the no. 1 telco and the Coalition accusing Labor of a secret agenda to do so...
Australian IT

4  Compaq boss calls for national action
The development of Australia's IT industry suffers from a lack of co-ordination between governments according to Ian Penman, the longest-serving chief executive in the computer industry in Australia...


4  Bezos Says Amazon.com to Diversify Further
The chief executive of the world's biggest Internet retailer Amazon.com rejected on Monday criticism of the group's expansion strategy amid a sagging share price, saying it would diversify further...

4  Piracy -- to catch a (Web) thief
The sale of pirated and counterfeit goods over the Internet is booming to the tune of $13 billion per year, and the flat-footed feds are having a tough time busting the bad guys...

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The revamped browser will have more Web-surfing capability -- but it lags when it comes to messaging. Will this kill its corporate appeal?...

4  Freeserve cuts off heavy users
The UK internet service provider is cutting off hundreds of subscibers to its 'unlimited' access plans because they are spending too much time online...

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