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The Two Big Uglies Join Forces
Software giant Microsoft is to make a $300 million investment in Telecom NZ and the Xtra website is to merge with MSN, according to reports published today.

So what does it mean for local Internet users when the biggest and most belligerent software company joins forces with the biggest and most belligerent NZ Telco?

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!

Read more at The NZ Herald

Lighten Up 11 May 2001 Edition
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Microsoft Will Change Your Hair Colour
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The Pudding Guy
Is this true or just another one of the many urban myths that thrive on the Net?

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NZ Govt To Sleep With Microsoft?
After I brought attention to the pretty clear indications that Microsoft would be playing a significant role in the new eGovernment system, Trevor Mallard issued a denial that this was the case.

However, in this story published by the NZ Herald today, it is claimed that "Britain and Singapore have caught Mr Mallard's attention... Microsoft is playing a big role in Britain's e-government plans, which are being watched closely in Wellington."

Now I'm prepared to give Wellington the benefit of the doubt -- but I keep thinking of that old punchline "Their lips move".

NZ's Worst Website
No, this time I'm not going to make the suggestion -- I want Aardvark's readers to nominate candidates for the worst website in New Zealand.

Send me the URL and the reasons why you think the site qualifies.

I'll publish those which I think most deserving of nomination and then we'll have a little vote next week before pouring what will no doubt be well-deserved scorn on it.

It's over to you folks -- start hunting!

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