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California's Loss Could Be NZ's Gain 15 May 2001 Edition
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Anyone who lived or worked in Auckland's central business district a couple of years ago can probably empathise with the problems that a growing number of Californians are experiencing right now.

Doing business without a reliable electricity supply in this hi-tech age is a precarious proposition at best.

As the days grow warmer, Californians are looking at the bleak prospect of rolling blackouts -- both scheduled and unscheduled. This has the potential to wreak havoc on the Web when, despite their best efforts to provide alternative power supplies, many of that state's webfarms are expected to be affected in some way or another.

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However, California's woes might well be New Zealand's golden opportunities.

Here we are, connected to the USA and the rest of the world by a nice fat fibre-optic cable which, we were joyfully informed, is capable of carrying so much information we're likely to get giddy-drunk just thinking about it.

We're also blessed with a (comparatively) abundant power supply and, thanks to some corrective engineering, one of the most reliable power grids in the world. What's more, even if something does break, there are still plenty of generators tucked away in cupboards throughout Auckland's business district.

So what are we waiting for?

Let's get active -- let's go out there and turn NZ into California's best alternative to losing their websites through power outages.

Our peso is near all-time lows against the US dollar so hosting in New Zealand would be a real bargain -- or would it?

All we have to do is convince those who have a stake in the Southern Cross Cable to drop their rates to a level that truly would make us a viable alternative and then we'd be able to mount a compelling business case to many Californian businesses.

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    As I've said before, if we can do it with call centres, surely we can also do it with web-hosting?

    Given the high percentage of our power which comes from hydroelectric generation, I can't think of a more eco-friendly industry -- and what's more, it's not that reliant on an army of the highly skilled people we're presently lacking. When properly organised, a relatively small number of people can manage a surprisingly large number of webservers and sites.

    I think it's crazy that I'm still forced to host a couple of my Websites in the USA simply because, despite the weak dollar, the data-charges make it uneconomic to host them here (Traffic levels of up to 300GB/month).

    So, just who's making too much money on data-charges, and are they effectively scuttling what could be a real boom export-earning industry for us?

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