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What A Wicked Web We Weave... 21 May 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
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My goodness -- I bet there are at least a few people who are regretting the day legal action for defamation was ever taken against Alan Brown.

It would appear, according to reports published today, that there will be a run on paper-towels as copious amounts of egg are cleaned up.

"Internet Expert" and chair of ISOCNZ Peter Dengate-Thrush was obviously confused about the answer to an extremely simple question: just when was he was elected to the chair of the society? Of course this then begs the question how many of the other pieces information presented in this issue also subject to "confusion?"

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Dear John - continued
Alas... it looks as if my millions have faded away to nothing -- my good friend John Ogbu has vanished into thin air.

He didn't fax me and he hasn't returned my emails :-(

Maybe he was smart enough to search for my name on the Internet and read the relevant issues of last week's Aardvark?

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back to working for a living like everyone else.

An Announcement Pending
I'm sorry but today's column is a bit short because I'm just getting together the details of an exciting announcement that will be made later this week.

No, it's not Internet-related (well only slightly) but it is a bit of good news for all concerned.

Stay tuned -- you'll see it here first.

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Microsoft Patches Yet Another IIS Security Hole (NewsBytes - 15/05/2001)

Unchecked Buffer in ISAPI Extension Could Enable Compromise of IIS 5.0 Server (Microsoft - 01/05/2001)

Severe Security Flaw Threatens Netscape Users Betanews - 24/04/2001)

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Alcatel ADSL Modems (CERT - 12/04/2001t)

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Worm: New 'Homepage' virus rated X (ZDNet - 10/05/2001)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

Open in New Window Technology NZ scheme up for a tweak
The Government is considering adding repayable grants or loans to the range of assistance its Technology New Zealand scheme can offer small business...
NZ Herald

Open in New Window ISOCNZ records contradict chair's claim
Internet Society (ISOCNZ) records show that Peter Dengate Thrush was elected to the post of chairman of the society in December 1999, not January 2000 as he claimed in last week's Computerworld...


Open in New Window Technology uses one number to find you on any device
Imagine being able to reach a person anywhere simply by typing in a single telephone number on the Internet...

Open in New Window Do games and cell phones mix?
Established game software publishers and start-ups are busy at the Electronic Entertainment Expo here with plans to push games onto cell phones, a potentially huge new market with equally daunting challenges...

Open in New Window Soviet SST Wings Its Way to Internet
For sale: Soviet-built supersonic Tu-144 jetliner. Top speed 1,650 mph, seats 135. Low miles. Price $10 million or best offer...

Open in New Window E3: GameCube steals the show
Whichever console becomes the leading game machine, it will command the lion's share of the more than $10 billion U.S. game industry. And if any one company is king of E3, it's Nintendo...

Open in New Window Music Licensing Battle Hits DC
RealNetworks says Congress should force music publishers to let songs be purchased online...


Open in New Window Spike takes knife to net radio
DEEP cuts are looming at Spike Networks' internet radio business, Spike Radio, which faces a cash crisis after losing its main advertising contract...

Open in New Window Telstra website hit with mystery blackouts
Telstra engineers are struggling to find a reason why the company's website was struck by slow response times earlier today...


Open in New Window Vivendi Universal to Buy MP3.com for $5 a Share
French multimedia giant Vivendi Universal (EAUG.PA) on Sunday said it will buy online music firm MP3.com for $5 per share in a $372 million cash and stock deal that will help it strengthen its online music distribution and subscription services...

Open in New Window Online Retail Purchases Plunge at Start of 2001
Online retail sales in the United States plunged in the first three months of this year, the government said on Wednesday in a report suggesting the e-commerce craze may be losing steam...

Open in New Window VeriSign retains hold on .com domain
After days of wrangling, the Commerce Department finally left its rubber stamp on an agreement with the Internet's governing body that allows VeriSign to remain in control of the .com domain...

Open in New Window US fraudster sent to jail after refusing to give up the Net
A San Diego man has landed himself a one-year jail sentence after refusing to give up the Net...
The Register

Open in New Window Report: EU Wants to Ban Tobacco Ads
The European Union wants to step up its anti-smoking campaign by banning tobacco advertisements from newspapers, magazines and the Internet...

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